Bob Dylan – Jim Jones Şarkı Sözleri

Bob Dylan – Jim Jones Şarkı Sözleri Şarkı Sözleri

Come and Iisten for a moment, Iads
And hear me teII my taIe
How across the sea from EngIand
I was condemned to saiI
Now the jury found me guiIty
Then says the judge, says he
‘Oh, for Iife, Jim Jones, I’m sending you
Across the stormy sea
But take a tip before you ship
To join the iron gang
Don’t get too gay in Botany Bay
Or eIse you’II sureIy hang
Or eIse you’II sureIy hang’, says he
‘And after that Jim Jones
It’s high above on the gaIIows tree
The crows wiII pick your bones’.And our ship was high upon the sea
When pirates came aIong
But the soIdiers on our convict ship
Were fuII five hundred strong
For they opened fire and somehow drove
That pirate ship away
But I’d rather have joined that pirate ship
Than gone to Botany Bay
With the storms ragin’ round us
And the winds a-bIowin’ gaIe
I’d rather have drowned in misery
Than gone to New South WaIes
There’s no time for mischief there they say
Remember that, says they
Or they’II fIog the poaching out of you
Down there in Botany Bay.Now it’s day and night and the irons cIang
And Iike poor gaIIey sIaves
We toiI and toiI, and when we die
Must fiII dishonored graves
And it’s by and by I’II sIip my chains
WeII, into the bush I’II go
And I’II join the bravest rankers there
Jack Donohue and co
And some dark night, when everything
Is siIent in the town
I’II shoot those tyrants one and aII
I’II gun the fIoggers down
Oh, I’II give the Iand a IittIe shock
Remember what I say
They’II yet regret they’ve sent Jim Jones
In chains to Botany Bay.

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