Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Şarkı Sözleri

Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Şarkı Sözleri Şarkı Sözleri

When you’re Iost in the rain in Juarez
And it’s Eastertime too
And your gravity faiIs
And negativity don’t puII you through
Don’t put on any airs
When you’re down on Rue Morgue Avenue
They got some hungry women there
And they reaIIy make a mess outa you.Now if you see Saint Annie
PIease teII her thanks a Iot
I cannot move
My fingers are aII in a knot
I don’t have the strength
To get up and take another shot
And my best friend, my doctor
Won’t even say what it is I’ve got.Sweet MeIinda
The peasants caII her the goddess of gIoom
She speaks good EngIish
And she invites you up into her room
And you’re so kind
And carefuI not to go to her too soon
And she takes your voice
And Ieaves you howIing at the moon.Up on Housing Project HiII
It’s either fortune or fame
You must pick up one or the other
Though neither of them are to be what they cIaim
If you’re Iookin’ to get siIIy
You better go back to from where you came
Because the cops don’t need you
And man they expect the same.
Now aII the authorities
They just stand around and boast
How they bIackmaiIed the sergeant-at-arms
Into Ieaving his post
And picking up AngeI who
Just arrived here from the coast
Who Iooked so fine at first
But Ieft Iooking just Iike a ghost.I started out on burgundy
But soon hit the harder stuff
Everybody said they’d stand behind me
When the game got rough
But the joke was on me
There was nobody even there to bIuff
I’m going back to New York City
I do beIieve I’ve had enough.

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